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At Shot Tower Park, between Fayette St. and Baltimore St.

2 standing figures facing President St., behind them, a kneeling officer and child on a round base.

A view from the balloon across the street from the site, on its last day of operation.


Installation; It was handy having the forklift. Here I am laying on the first coat of wax and polishing.

The view from President St.

The dedication ceremony, 2003. . The officer and child in front of the sculpture were the models. The little girl's father, a police officer, was killed in the line of duty a few years earlier.

The mounted police attended the unveiling.

  The program above, distributed at the unveiling, was designed by someone in the Police Department who had served as an officer. Notice that she flipped the image so the statue salutes with his left hand instead of his right. I was relieved see that my name did not appear in the program.
  more pictures on the way, including fabricatioin and foundry