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"Warm Puppy"


"Caesar andPan"

"The Assassin"



"Butterflies" (sold)


"Miss February"



"Harborplace," Baltimore, 3010

"Smoking Sturgeon"



"Flaming Tulips"

"Designer Dog"


"The Lady Loves Her Rose"


"Jimson Flower"


"Navajo Rug"

"Acoma Rose"


"Two Gentlemen Of Verona"

"Soldering On"





"Trench Art"



"Breakfast in Bed"


"Parker and Mel"


"Stone Soup"

"Medicine Man"



"Reflections of Normandy"

"Origami Sowbug"




"Ann's Pearls"

Recent Paintings of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

"Joyce's House"



"Cheticamp" (sold)



sketch for "Cliffside"



Sketch for "Jerry's Ocean"




Grand Etang Sunset