The River Hill High School



Bronze, 20" wingspan, weighs over 20 lbs.





terracotta figures


"The Gardener"

terracotta, about 14" high.

Collection of the artist's sister, who is also a gardener


"La Voleuse"

Terracotta, about 24" high

currently on exhibit at Galerie Esteban.

The Chicken Lady has stolen a small paper bag of unknown contents. The word voleuse in French means two things simultaneously: a thief, and one who flies.This piece was inspired by the fabulous pen and ink drawings of Heinrich Kley.

"Hair Pulling"


This photo shows part of the base, which is a block of pine, faux-grained in a wormwood pattern, created by manipulating a water-filled condom across the wet painted surfaces.

Here is the external armature I used. I fashioned this armature after the ones featured in Bruno Lucchese's books about modeling terracotta figures. He gets his welded by pros; this is the pauper's version.


Now you can see the hair being pulled.

(Collection of the artist's flight instructor)


terracotta, a portrait commission.


The client sent photos for me to work from.

"Walking the Gator"


Here is the figure in clay, before it was fired.




Finishing the Tirebiter, 2003

Terracotta, Paint, Firestone Tire fragment


"North American Tirebiter"

These are the guys responsible for all those pieces of tire along the highways. Every animal killed by a car returns as a Tirebiter, and their afterlife is spent in getting revenge by ripping the tires off of speeding cars.

"Sleeping Figure"


"Standing Figure"


Same figure, stained and waxed



Terracotta figures, about 18" high, mounted on a round wood base, faux-painted wormood, surfaced with cement to resemble slushy ice.

Private collection





Terracotta, about 14" high, private collection

    More to come...